L'Amentera, Alt Empordà

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Armentera Empordà Imma Bofill Arquitecte Figueres Girona

DRIFT HOUSE. L'Armentera. Alt Empordà.

In French the word dérive, implies starting out on an aimless stroll, usually in the city, following the heart. The French philosopher Guy Débord reflects upon ways of seeing and experiencing life within the broader proposals of psychogeography. Thus, instead of being prisoners of daily routine, he proposes following our emotions and looking at urban situations in a new, radical way.

The house is based on a drifting movement undertaken through the urban nucleus where the house is located. In this ludic-constructive rambling one may recognise elementary units differing from each other as well as the dominant action of the centres of attraction. The house is built through zones of movement which, at specific points, generate centres of attraction and to which are joined the blocks that contain the various areas of the house, all with different possibilities for interaction through large sliding doors that generate multiple connections and changes within the house.

casa Armentera Empordà Imma Bofill Arquitecte Figueres Girona