Wood House

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Casa Núvol fusta  Imma Bofill Arquitecte Figueres Empordà Girona Armentera


The cloud-house is a project of extension and renovation of the first floor of an existing dwelling to create a new one. While visiting the house to see how its inhabitants lived, we noticed that the child of the house had drawn a cloud-house on a window, which led us to consider the constant variability of clouds and how in current society, there are few permanent things. We then decided to create a cloud-house. This is a house where by opening, closing or folding doors one creates combinations of distinct spaces that can be used in a variety of ways. In the zone of extension mountable and dismountable elements of wood are used to form the rooms that can easily be modified over time, changing the constitution of the spaces.

For the structure of the extension, the wooden construction is carried out through a system where the pieces are prepared in the workshop and in a few hours are mounted onto the work, thus reducing building time. Raw materials are used, eliminating as many layers as possible, thus reducing the costs and time involved in the work.

The wood, together with good thermal insulation using natural materials, allows for minimum consumption for the house. Good ventilation and good lighting with natural light make it healthier.