Roses, Girona

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Concurso Front marítim Roses Empordà


This project is based on relational networks. It forms part of research into the concept of doubt from Zygmunt Bauman’s "liquid society". When structures are changing and there are no reference points.

We aim to draw together the city and the esplanade, creating spaces that would be a complement of services located in other parts of the town, as for example the library and a cross-booking space, the schools with open air classrooms, a cultural association and a centre for older people with a dance floor, etc. Bringing together people from different environments to the seafront zone would enable establishing relationships between people of different ages, diverse interests, making the citizens live in closer contact with each other and and the sea  .

The structure of the space also follows the network structure. The pavement defines zones that are related to trees and these to benches in various placements; individual, for two people, and for groups. The lighting along the pavement interconnects the nuclei points.

The architecture is generated by the movement of people; no longer lineal but becoming a meandering, a discovery.