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From consultancy to conceptualization to the complete process of design and management of the construction of a building, I offer a wide range of services. Contact me and together we will work out the most appropriate options for you.

CONSULTANCY. Do you think your house, shop or office needs upgrading? Do you want to renovate or reorganize the space where you carry out your everyday activities? Or do you want to adapt to new or future needs?

*We can discuss your wishes and aims. With my knowledge and experience we will find a solution that adapts perfectly to your needs.

CONSTRUCTION. Would you like to build a new house or an office for your business? Would you like a building that consumes little energy and is built with healthy materials? Would you like a building that can easily change over time for future needs?

*Let’s talk about your needs and expectations. I can offer you the creation of the concept for the building project and manage the work with all necessary architecture services (certificate of occupancy, energy certificates, etc.)