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ecologia creativitat low cost transformabilitat flexibilitat innovació


* We design BUILDING TO FIT following a collaborative process with our clients. 

* Is a CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE that shapes stimulating spaces where people can live in their own way.

* EFICIENT ECONOMY. We achieve it being within budget, designing low-energy buildings and with a good organization and control of the building process.

* We do LOW COST ARCHITECTURE projects, 1.110 €/m2, houses with wood structure, optimizing facilities and reducing construction time.

* For tight budgets we design EVOLUTIVE HOUSES. Building basics to live and organizing the following phases to complete the construction.

* We do GREEN ARCHITECTURE, sensitive people, natural and cultural environment.

* We create HEALTHY BUILDINGS taking care of material selection, solar orientation, natural lighting, ventilation and termical confort.

* Our buildings have a good termical isolation and use GREEN ENERGIES to allow energy saving along the building life.

* We create TRANSFORMABLE SPACES using sliding doors and removable elements that allows the adaptation of spaces to the changing needs of inhabitants.

* All based on INNOVATION, the capacity to transform ideas into the improvement of real world.